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Calendar Photo Submission Guidelines


  • Please send specific wall-calendar concepts.
  • If you propose a calendar –for example, on a historical subject—you must be able to write succinctly and engagingly on that topic.
  • Tide-mark calendars are predominantly one-person projects; rarely do we buy single images.
  • Please review our on-line catalog at to ensure that you are not submitting a concept that we already cover.

The Proposal Letter that accompanies the photo submission should describe the concept, primary audience, and the competition. If you know how that audience can be reached (through an association, for example), include it in the proposal.

Submitting Photo Image

  • Original artwork must be presented as photographic slides, transparencies, or photo prints.
  • Never send original art (watercolors, paintings, etc.). Photo prints must be a reasonable size for reflective scanning, no larger than 8.5 x 11.
  • Please send 30 to 40 images that fit your concept. They must be either all horizontal (preferred) or all vertical images.
  • DIGITAL: Although we prefer transparencies, we do accept digital images.

    (1)  Send low-res prints or common format digital files on CD for initial submissions. We accept Acrobat, Photoshop, JPG, and tiff files. PLEASE SEND CONTACT SHEETS IF YOU ARE NOT SENDING LO-RES PRINTS!
    (2)  If your proposal is accepted, we will need digital submissions to be color corrected, CMYK, 300 DPI at 11 x 14 inches. Color printouts of files must be included for color matching on press (file size should be 35 MB or higher).
  • Wall calendar images must fit, or must be able to be cropped to fit, the 11 x 14-inch format.
  • Photographic film format dimensions cannot be smaller than the width of a 35-mm slide.
  • Tide-mark will not print from dupes.
  • Identify each of your images with a unique number and your name.

Time Line

Calendar concepts are chosen 18 months before the calendar year. For example, by May 30, 2008, Tide-mark hopes to determine the list for calendar year 2010. This is important to remember if you have an anniversary-related concept. Send your queries and proposals, from March 1 to May 15:

Calendar Editor
Tide-mark Press
22 Prestige Park Circle
East Hartford, CT 06108 USA

Please include SASE or stamps and an addressed label with submission.
If there is no SASE, we will assume you don’t want your submission returned.

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