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Note Cards

The cards on this page are 4" x 6" and are packaged 16 cards, four different images, per box.
Note Cards: African-American Masters
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African-American Masters,
from the Walter O. Evans Collection

The Walter O. Evans Foundation for Art and Literature, established in 1997, is based on a private collection of African American art (not shown in museums at the time of purchase), which has toured continuously since February 1991. This selection includes acclaimed artists Lois Mailou Jones, Robert Blackburn, Clementine Hunter, and Jacob Lawrence.

Note Cards: American Folk Art
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American Folk Art
by Artist Jane Wooster Scott

A versatile and prolific artist, Jane Wooster Scott has garnered international recognition as one of the finest painters of Americana working today. In American Folk Art, her charming scenes of America’s celebrations and holidays offer a vision of an idealized earlier America and are hung in the White House, the New York Stock Exchange, and in the homes of many noteworthy people such as Oprah.

Note Cards: Ghost Dance

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Ghost Dance
by JD Challenger

In the late 1800s, the Ghost Dance religion promised hope and resurrection at a time when Native American nations across America faced destruction. Misunderstood by authorities, the Ghost Dance sparked the savage attack on Sioux men, women, and children at Wounded Knee in 1890. In his paintings, JD Challenger shows the strength and dignity of Native Americans as they recall this time.

Note Cards: Herbal Notes
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Herbal Notes
by Theresa Loe and Peggy Turchette

These cards offer watercolor illustrations from artist Peggy Turchette and delicious herbal recipes from herbal writer Theresa Loe, author of The Herbal Home Companion and regular contributor to the Herb Companion magazine.

Note Cards: New England Lighthouses
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New England Lighthouses
Photographs by Paul Rezendes

For ships at sea, the flash of a lighthouse beacon is both a warning of a dangerous shore and a welcome. Light keepers lived in isolated places, often risking their lives in an effort to save others. This lonely, romantic history imbues lights with a special sense of place captured by Paul Rezendes, photographer and author of many books including Martha’s Vineyard Seasons.

Note Cards: New England Seasons
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New England Seasons
Photographs by William Johnson

Brilliant fall color, snowbound brooks, sweet blooms of spring, and boats anchored at summer’s dawn evoke the four New England seasons. (Mud season not included.) William Johnson is a superb and well-known photographer of the region.

Note Cards: Sara Steele’s Watercolors

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Sara Steele’s Watercolors
It’s always spring with acclaimed watercolorist Sara Steele, whose works have been admired for over twenty years, in books, gallery shows, and even commissioned outdoor murals. One of her paintings became a U.S. postage stamp—the magnolia.

Note Cards: The English Garden
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The English Garden
Photographs by John Glover

Noted English landscape photographer John Glover has won many awards and exhibitions of his paintings, prints, and photographs have appeared in many galleries in London and his work has also been included in several touring exhibitions in the British Isles.

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