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2015 Calendars

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Am_Folk_Art_FC_01-2015.jpg American Folk Art 2015

Jane Wooster Scott's scenes of America’s celebrations and holidays offer a vision of an idealized earlier America.

Ancient_Civ_FC_48-2015.jpg Ancient Civilizations of the Southwest 2015

Discover the architectural and cultural heritage left behind by the mysterious Ancestral Puebloans of the southwest some 700 years ago.

AngelsFaeries_FC_22-2015.jpg Angels & Faeries 2015

The lyrical Angels & Faeries painted by James Christensen calm the spirit and sometimes even prompt a smile.

Art_Fly_Fishing_FC_45-2015.jpg Art of Fly Fishing 2015

One of the foremost painters of the sporting arts, Bob White’s fly fishing paintings take you into the trout stream to feel the pull of the current and the anticipation of the snap of the line.

Art_of_Jonathan_Green_FC_46-2015.jpg Art of Jonathan Green 2015

The southern culture of his Gullah heritage from the inland marshes near the Sea Islands of South Carolina is highlighted in The Art of Jonathan Green calendar.

Balanchine_FC_36-2015.jpg Balanchine 2015 Calendar

This calendar pictures the choreographer, George Balanchine’s work in performances at the New York City Ballet.

BaltimoreOhio_FC_26-2015.jpg Baltimore and Ohio Railroad 2015

Features the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad line’s classic steam engines and more.

CA_by_Starlight_FC_10-2015.jpg California by Starlight 2015

Remarkable photographs by Tony Rowell, inviting us to see California in an entirely different light.

CA_Coastal_FC_34-2015.jpg California Coastal Headlands 2015

From the fiery ocean light of Big Sur to mountain-high serenity above the clouds in Watsonville, California Coastal Headlands speaks to your wild side.

Canyonlands_FC_42-2015.jpg Canyonlands 2015

Photographer Londie Padelsky brings together this visionary landscape with quotes from ecologist Edward Abbey in Canyonlands.

Celebrating_Roses_FC-20-2014.jpg Celebrating Roses 2015

Give someone special a year of gorgeous roses!

Civil_War_FC_09-2015.jpg Civil War 2015

Along with striking images and informative essays, the calendar also provides daily listings of leaders and events.

Classic_Am_Cars_FC_56-2015.jpg Classic American Cars 2015

These great American cars show off four decades of style, speed and comfort. 

Classic_Euro_Cars_FC_55-2015.jpg Classic European Cars 2015

A beautiful collection of automobiles from writer and photographer Dan Lyons. 

Classic_Motor_FC_44-2015.jpg Classic Motorboats 2015

Sculpted in mahogany, brilliantly varnished, and fixtured in chrome, here are glorious examples of the golden age of motor boating.

Classic_Sail_FC_11-2015.jpg Classic Sail 2015

Wooden boats built in the Europe and America at the turn of the twentieth century make this calendar very “yar.”

CO_Narrow_FC_28-2015.jpg Colorado Narrow Gauge 2015

The trains that once traversed the Colorado narrow gauge rails from the 1800s into the mid-1900s.

Colorado_Rocky_FC_41-2015.jpg Colorado Rocky Mountains 2015

NEW! Colorado Rocky Mountains calendar. Photographer Tad Bowman turns his focus to bold landscapes.

Cruising_World_FC_17-2015.jpg Cruising World 2015

Escape on a relaxing sail to far-flung ports of call and exotic locales.

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