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Affiliate Plan

About the Affiliate Plan

Link to and Earn Referral Dollars
If you operate a Web site, you can join the Tide-mark Affiliate Plan and profit by promoting our titles on your site. When you send us a customer who places an order, you earn up to 10% on each sale.

How Does the Tide-mark Affiliate Plan Work?

As an Affiliate, you place links to on your Web site. A visitor who clicks on a linked banner or image moves seamlessly to tide to purchase items on which you earn a referral fee. We handle the ordering, fulfillment, and shipping. Our Shopsite e-commerce program tracks sales generated from your site.

You decide how you want to link to We provide you with a selection of images that can be added to your site. You can choose to link to any of our titles, or select a home page graphic. You benefit by offering your visitors unique and beautiful books and calendars of special interest to them, combined with the convenience of ordering online.

Should You Become a Tide-mark Affiliate?

Becoming an Affiliate gives you an opportunity to work with the people who make the product. Although Tide-mark is a small publisher, we've been creating books and calendars for more than twenty years. Our office is located in East Hartford, Connecticut. Our staff of 10 creates and markets the many titles we offer. Although our line is diverse, we suggest that you select titles related to the focus of your site. That will please your visitors and yield the most Affiliate dollars for you.

Who Can Be a Tide-mark Affiliate?

Anyone who operates a Web site may qualify to become an Affiliate. Please review our Affiliate Plan Agreement for more details.

How Do I Get Started?

Review the Affiliate Plan Agreement and sign up using the online registration form. We'll then be able to issue the specific title or home page links you request. It's simple, and there is no cost. After you complete and submit the online registration form, you'll receive an introductory e-mail explaining how to establish your links. Select the links most appropriate for your site and then download the related graphics. Why wait? Become a Tide-mark Affiliate today!

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